15 reasons why you should Date a management Assistant

If that pretty admin. associate helps to keep finding “what the health” attention, ask the lady completely — so long as she actually is maybe not YOUR associate. (Ensure that it it is excellent of working.)

Listed here are 15 reasons to date a management associate:

1. Dislike a flake? Becoming great at their job, personnel need to be dependable.

2. a management assistant might be 1st individual visitors and colleagues encounter at work, therefore a cheerful personality and great folks abilities tend to be essential.

3. Personnel are usually hiking the organization ladder. (ponder lady 1st signed up with the Justice culture of America since group’s assistant. She was actually soon marketed to battling criminal activity utilizing the boys.)

4. They usually can leave their particular work at work. You won’t need to bother about the girl having the woman work house with the girl, a genuine date-night spoiler.

5. He’ll know where you left your tactics. Personnel tend to be structured.

6. Not very shabby! If you’re planning to seize after-work beverages with your spouse, your date will arrive in polished, pro clothing.

7. Personnel are very useful to a business. Your day is most likely well-respected — possesses task safety.

8. They generally have actually set hours. You likely don’t have to be concerned about on-call problems and weekend changes.

9. Assistants can multitask, dealing with numerous tasks immediately.

10. Assistants save the day, helping problem-solve and reduce the manager’ work. You’ll be much valued if you possibly could provide the lady additional aide after-hours.

11. Who doesn’t love Pam Beesly or skip Moneypenny?

12. Assistants are versatile and flexible in the office, often increasing to your occasion and taking on functions maybe not element of work description.

13. Like librarians, personnel have actually a number of discreet intercourse appeal.

14. They have been excellent note-takers, submitting away important information and maintaining every person on job. The day wont forget your birthday celebration.

15. Need a listening ear? Assistants tend to be offered short spoken directions which need following closely. They may be additionally aware of many company news. Therefore while he or she will give you undivided attention, make certain you’re additionally prepared to let him/her share work stories at the end of a long day.

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